The New Dual-Force:

More heaters than any other two person sauna on the market combining the amazing pain relief and deep penetrating far infrared stimulation of 100% ceramic heaters along with the short wave soft heat of the bio-spectrum carbon heaters on each side.

  • Costs only $3-$5 per month to operate
  • Regular 110v 20AMP plug - comparable to running a 1400 watt hair dryer
  • Quality cabinetry and construction: an enhancement to any home
  • 100% non-toxic wood inside - cedar stanied exterior
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 90 Day Risk FREE Trial
  • ETL Certified

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The Far Infrared Sauna produces infrared heat at the same level that our human body emits. Rather than heating the air and your skin 93%-97% of the Lux Spa Far Infrared Heat penetrates very deep and very quickly at a much lower temprature because there is no resistance. The deep penetration helps melt away toxins and acids in the human body.

The winters in Milwaukee can be extremely frigid with below zero temperatures and icy snow conditions. This can have an adverse effect on your body and overall health. To rejuvenate during long, cold Milwaukee winters, consider an infrared sauna from Hi-Q to improve the way you feel and look.


Infrared Saunas in Milwaukee

Traditional saunas use wood or stones to produce heat, making you sweat out toxins and indulge in relaxation. However, an infrared sauna produces even more heat to penetrate even better than a traditional sauna. Infrared saunas are safe to use and will cost you only a few dollars a month to operate. An infrared sauna uses about the same amount of electricity as a 1400 watt hair dryer so you can feel free to use it in Milwaukee year round without driving up the cost of your energy bills. Best of all, infrared saunas have the ability to actually melt fat cells in your body, letting you cleanse toxins and lose weight while enjoying the stress relieving benefits all at the same time.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

There are a number of health benefits for Milwaukee residents that use an infrared sauna. Infrared heat can penetrate deep, actually melting fat and cellulite cells out of your body. Using an infrared sauna along with a healthy diet and exercise can help you to stay fit and trim and lose extra pounds. When using an infrared sauna, your pores are opened, allowing you to sweat out harmful toxins in your body. This can have a beneficial effect on your liver and kidneys which will not have to work as hard to drain your body of its toxins. This process refreshes your body and gives you more energy.

Many residents in Milwaukee may have poor circulation or high blood pressure. Infrared saunas from Hi-Q can get your blood pumping and improve your heart rate while simultaneously helping to lower your blood pressure. Using an infrared sauna for an hour is comparable to getting a full cardiovascular workout and can help you to burn calories and improve your energy and stamina levels.

However, most Milwaukee residents that choose a Hi-Q do so for peace of mind. Sitting in an infrared sauna is comfortable and soothing, allowing you to forget about your worries. Relieving stress can have a positive effect on your physical health in addition to your mental health. This can also have a positive effect on your love life as many men have found using an infrared sauna can work as an alternative to male stimulation supplements like Viagra. Hi-Qs are made with genuine Canadian Spruce, not only for its ability to retain heat but for the relaxing atmosphere it creates. Hi-Qs can also be constructed with audio players built in so you can use music to help you relax.


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